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1. Three frames for 16,24 and 32 channels
2. Preamp GB30 preamplifier and precise equalizer circuit
3. Real seven generatrix structure
4. 2 groups of stereo input , 2 group stereo return
5. Channels direct output
6. Convenient talk-conversation
7. 100mm fader(attenuator)
8. Four channels into a GROUP --+48V phantom power selection
9. 6 groups of AUX output, 4 GROUPs of Aux can choose pre/post fader
10.18dB/ double frequency route with steep high pass filters
11.Insert point can be added into total output or group output channel
13.12 segment of LED level
14.Built-in PSU power supply, innovative GB30 preamp and EQ


·Frequency response: XLR input to any output+0/-1dB,20Hz-20kHz 
·Total harmonic distortion and noise (THD+noise):
All measures on +10dB output and 30dB gain status 
XLR input to direct output & lt;0.007%,1kHz XLR input to 
echo output & lt; 0.008%, 1kHz 
MIC input EIN @max gain,150Ω source impedance -128dBu 
·Mic gain: MIN: 5dB; MAX: 60dB 
·Bus noise: max output, input pan max, echo pan 0dB 
·32CH: & lt;-85dBu;16CH: & lt;-88dB Group output, input 
fader-max, group fader 0dB
·32CH: & lt;-85dB;16CH & lt;-88dB 
·Aux output, input fader-max, Aux fader 0dB 
·32CH: & lt;-88dB;16CH & lt;-91dB 
·Channel input mute: & gt;98dB, input fader cut off: & gt;98dB 
·Input audio image potentiometter cut off: & gt;82dB; 
mix route cut off : & gt; 98dB 
·Group route cut off: & gt;98%; contiguity CH cut off : & gt;100dB 
·Group-mix crosstalk: & lt; -84dB; Aux send cut off: & lt;-94dB 
·Common mode rejection : Mono CH input, typ.80dB/1kHz @Max gain
·input & output levels: Input MIC ∞+15dBu; input line: max+30dBu; 
·Stereo input and insert return:Max+20dBu; all output: max+20dBu; 
·General operate level:0dBu; headphone power: 2x250mW,200 & Omega; 
·input & output impedance:MIC input 2k & Omega; 
Line input: & gt;10k & Omega; 
·Input CH and insert return:5k & Omega; 
·Mix, group and Aux output:150 & Omega; insert send: 75 & Omega; 
·High pass filter(Mono CH input):100Hz 
·EQ Mono input: 
·indicator lamp:6x 3 colorx 12 segment LED lamp 
·Power Supply: Alternating current(built-in Psu) 85V-270V, 
50Hz-60HzNormal input,
·power consumption :>50W 
·working condition:Temperature range:-10 ·C--+30 ·C; Relative humidity:0%--80